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Terms of Use


The website and its content is provided for viewing and the prescribed use by subscribers only and is not to be copied, modified, linked, framed or published in any other website or media without our written consent. Users are prohibited from framing another website, web page or any material into the Printing-Press.biz website. All source code, displayed content and design of the website is protected by international copyright law. Users agree not to introduce software, code or content that interferes with or alters in any way the functionality, quality or display of the website. Access to Subscriber administration areas of the website is granted to the subscriber only, excluding authorization to third parties who would gain commercial advantage by accessing the subscriber administration areas. Access details issued by the system are to be kept confidential and are only intended for the exclusive use of the subscriber.



Delivery Policy (for Services)


Upon receipt of your order, the services will be performed to you in accordance with the terms applicable to the services that you purchased. The nature of the services you purchased and the date of your purchase may impact the timing of performance of the services. The services will be deemed to be successfully delivered to you upon performance of the services.



Linking to Printing-Press.biz


Please contact Printing-Press.biz if you would like to link to any page of Printing-Press.biz. To frame a part of the Printing-Press.biz Website into another website or web page or email message, requires written consent (excepting search engines).





All content for Machines ads is published as provided by the vendors. Printing-Press.biz accepts no responsibility for errors, omissions or misrepresentations and eventual consequenses or damages of any kind thereof. Notification of errors or misrepresentations should be directed to the seller of the advertised product via the EMAIL SELLER form, located on the machine ad within the Contact section. In the event of the seller’s failure to comply to such a request, we ask to be notified of such via info@printing-press.biz and will act according to our Terms & Conditions – Content Limitations.

Printing-Press.biz is not responsible for content of external websites accessed by links from Printing-Press.biz. Services provided by third parties via Printing-Press.biz are beyond our control and we take no responsibility for their services.





Copyright of all content is owned by Printing-Press.biz and respective advertisers and the use of images or copy needs Printing-Press.biz or the advertiser’s written consent.


Private Sellers Use of Printing-Press.biz


Private Sellers are advertisers other than other Subscribers.


Content limitations


Printing-Press.biz provides upload functions to place machine ads, machine wanted ads and by private advertisers. Ads that display other products than printing machine products will be deleted without notice and without refund. It is the seller’s responsibility to provide truthful and honest information about the product placed on this website and to show the full cash price including GST of the advertised product. It is the seller’s responsibility to correct and/or delete misleading and/or incorrect information from the ad upon request. If the seller fails to delete or correct misleading or false information, Printing-Press.biz reserves the right to change said information or delete the ad completely without notice and without refund. Ad content cannot be changed to advertise another product’s details and photos during the advertising period paid for unless our permission has been given to do so.


Ad Listing Procedure


The following rules apply for the private seller: One ‘machine ad’ must display only one item for sale, details for the item and contact details for the item only. Users agree to maintain a high quality presentation of their product for sale that conforms to the Printing-Press.biz ad layout. Meaning: good photo quality, a reasonable amount of information and correct contact details, all entered in their respective allocated fields. We reserve the right to edit machine ads that do not comply with the Printing-Press.biz standard of presentation and/or contain misleading or deceptive information. For protection of your privacy please refer to our Privacy Policy.


Functionality and Availability


The website is hosted externally on a International Dedicated Server. Genuine and commercially reasonable efforts are made to provide the website operating fault free 24 hours a day and, if the system malfunctions, to restore those services as soon as reasonably possible. Scheduled maintenance is performed from time to time and this may cause service interruptions.


Backup of Content


We will archive Printing-Press.biz data onto backup mechanisms on a regular basis for the purposes of disaster recovery. In the event of equipment failure or data corruption, we will restore from the last known good archive. In the event of corruption of all of our archives, or in the event that an old archive is used to restore data, you should be prepared to upload your machine ad again to our web site. We will not be liable for incomplete, out-of-date, corrupt or otherwise deficient machines ad data recovered from our backups.




Warranties and Liabilities: We do not warrant that the services provided by Printing-Press.biz will be uninterrupted or error free or that the software and services will be free from external intruders (hackers), virus or worm attack, denial of service attack, or other persons having unauthorised access to the services or systems, the software is hosted with. By using our software you do so at your sole risk. We do not warrant the sale of your advertised machine product and do not guarantee any number of website visitors or enquiries by website visitors for any individual machine ad, advertising banner or web page displaying particular products or services. Printing-Press.biz liability due to service disruption is limited to the amount paid by you for advertising services subscribed to.


Indemnity: None of Printing-Press.biz and its hosting provider, its owners, directors, employees, partners or suppliers will be liable to you or any third party for any special, punitive, incidental, indirect or consequential damages of any kind; including loss of use, data or profits, on any theory of liability, arising out of or in connection with the use of or the inability to use the software, website and services; any information that is sent or received or not sent or received; any failure to store or loss of data, files or other content.




Payment by Credit Card Online: Credit card details for Private Seller machine ads are 128-bit SSL encrypted and transactions are executed via our Merchant Gateway with Card Access Services. Dealers without websites without min 1 year history will be delisted without refund. Machines with prices very lowest from market prices will be delisted immediately as fraud, dealers account too – without notice and refund.


Pricing and Refunds: Prices may change without notice. All payments are final and refunds are only given in case of system error.


Termination: Non-compliance with the Terms & Conditions and/or interference with the functionality of the website will result in the termination of the ad without prior notice or refunds (if applicable).


Modifications of Terms & Conditions: Printing-Press.biz reserves the right to modify the Terms & Conditions under which the website and its advertising software is offered to all users. Your continued use of the website constitutes your acceptance of the variations.




All dealers accounts with complains from users and not reliable reviews – will be deleted immediately from our Admin without prior notice or refunds.




If a machine is offered at a much cheaper price, ask yourself why. If it looks too good to be true, it probably is. Make sure the seller has a valid company address, VAT and telephone number – be wary of mobile phone numbers, always visit the seller at OFFICE and never buy without seeing and test the machine first.


We are Advertising Portal and we don’t sell machines. We only help you find the needed machine. The communication after is between you and the Seller. We don’t add any charges or commision.




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