KBA Rapida RA 106-8 SW4 – SPC

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    Technical Description

    max. size 74 x 106 cm
    perfecting: 8/0 – 4/4
    age 2010
    Colortronic ink remote control
    QualiTronic ColorControl – inline colour densitiy control
    ACR video register
    DriveTronic SPC – simultaneous plate change
    simultaneous blanket- and printing cylinder washing
    FAPC fully automatic plate change
    Varidamp Delta film dampenings
    ink unit temperature control
    combi cooling unit Baldwin CombiLiner (water cooled)
    SIS sensoric infeed without sidelays
    antistatic device
    dry sprayer Weko AP 262
    powder absorbing
    AirTronic delivery with dynamic sheet brake
    central air cabinet Becker (water cooled)
    water-cooled machine without chilling system
    shown totalizer: approx. 218 mill. impressions
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    Company Name: Altmann Graphische Maschinen GmbH
    Profile: Altmann