Komori L 628+C (1+DU+2+3+4+DU+5+6+DU+L+X)

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Year of man. 2000
Serial No. 2166
Imps.(mio.) 66

Equipment:10 units configuration: unit 1 + drying unit + unit 2 + unit 3 + unit 4 + drying unit + unit 5 +
unit 6 + drying unit + coating unit + extended delivery
Komorimatic with Technotrans Alpha C, S-APC, PQC, rollers-and blanket wash up device, without impr.
cylinder wash up device, Anilox coating unit, extended delivery, ink temperature control, Antistatic
device, Special device for printing plastic in feeder, UV rollers, ink agitators, 4 x IST UV
interdeck dryer with 1 lamp each, all drying units have 2 interdeck positions each, IST UV end
dryer in delivery with 2 lamps
Video: www.youtube.com/watch?v=IQVDX4oHZi8

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Company Name: SHS-CAS graphische Maschinen GmbH
Profile: Till