KBA Rapida RA 106-5 + L-ALV2

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    Technical Description

    max. size 74 x 106 cm
    age 2014
    5 printing units + coating unit (chamber duct) + extended delivery
    chamber duct system Harris + Bruno
    max. 18.000 cycles / h (off-load)
    Colortronic ink remote control
    motoric height adjustment with memory
    QualiTronic ColorControl – inline colour densitiy control
    QualiTronic Live View
    QualiTronic small density control strip
    ErgoTronic Color Control
    Logotronic CIP Link
    Varidamp Delta film dampenings
    ink unit temperature control
    combi-cooling unit Technotrans (water-cooled) incl. Alcosmart
    FAPC fully automatic plate change
    CleanTronic automatic washing devices
    de-clutchable inking units
    antistatic device Kersten
    SIS sensoric infeed without sidelays
    dry sprayer Grafix
    … and more

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    Company Name: Altmann Graphische Maschinen GmbH
    Profile: Peter