MAN Roland R 706 + LTTLV

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    Technical Description

    max. size 74 x 104 cm
    age 2005
    6 printing units + 2 coating units (chamber duct) + extended delivery
    chamber duct system Tresu
    max. 16.000 sheets / h (off-load)
    RCI ink remote control
    ColorPilot Plus D+F ink quality control
    Quick Change Job
    Quick Change Infeed
    Quick Change Colour
    Quick Change Wash
    Quick Change Clamp varnish unit
    Roland Deltamatic dampenings
    ink unit temperature control
    combi cooling unit Technotrans
    APL fully automatic plate change
    Eagle Eye inline sheet inspection
    automatic washing devices
    automatic flushing device for coating circulation
    IR / TL / UV dryer Roland Seccomatic
    2 IR / TL interdeck dryer between the coating units
    1 UV interdeck dryer between coating units
    …more details on request

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    Contact info
    Company Name: Altmann Graphische Maschinen GmbH
    Profile: Peter