Komori LS 529 + CX

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    Technical Description

    max. size 53 x 75 cm
    age 2009
    5 printing units + coating unit (chamber duct) + extended delivery
    chamber duct system Harris + Bruno
    max. 16.000 cycles / h (off-load)
    PQC-S ink remote control
    PDC-S II quality control
    Komorimatic dampenings
    cooling unit Technotrans
    SAPC semi automatic plate change
    automatic roller and blanket washing
    dry sprayer Grafix
    LithoCoat varnish supply system
    IR dryer Baldwin IVT
    shown totalizer: approx. 85 mill. impressions
    Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZkLWeYmFtZ8
    Ref: KO220113A

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    Company Name: Altmann Graphische Maschinen GmbH
    Profile: Peter