2012 KBA RAPIDA 106-8-SW4+L-ALV2-CX

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    2012 KBA RAPIDA 106-8-SW4+L-ALV2-CX
    CX Version For Board
    Ergotronic Console
    Densitronic Professional
    Drive Tronic SPC Simultaneous Plate Change
    DriveTronic Plate Indent
    Flying Plate Change
    Qualitronic Inline KBA Measuring.
    SIS feeder
    Technotrans refrigeration
    Ink Temperature Control
    Cleantronic Synchro for Simultaneous washing
    Auto Ink roller wash
    Auto Blanket Wash
    Auto Impression Cylinder Wash
    Ultraschall double sheet control
    Anilox Coater
    I/R Dryer + Hot air
    Extended delivery
    Powder Spray
    20,000 Sheets Per Hour
    18,000 sheets per hour

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    Company Name: Printing & Graphic Machinery Ltd
    Profile: Giles