2008 KOMORI LSX629+CX UV/Hybrid

Size: 61 x 75cm, Dedicated tower coater with extended delivery, Harris & Bruno Anilox coating system with chambered doctor blade, Nordson UV curing – 3 Interdeck lamps w/docks at all units + 2 lamps EOP, PQC console for ink and register, PDC-SII for closed-loop scanning – density and spectral, F-APC – Fully-automatic plate changing, Komorimatic […]

Offset Press


Size: 75 x 105 cm, Prinect Press Center Console, InPress Control, Wallscreen, Autoplate XL, Preset Plus Feeder, Preset Plus Delivery X2 (2 Extension Modules), Non-Stop Feeder and Delivery, HyColor Dampening System, DryStar IR Dryer with 3 Slide ins, Weko AP 500 Powder Spray, Anilox Coater with Chamber Doctor Blade, LWE Carousel Coating Roller Storage, Technotrans […]

Offset Press


Size : 53 x 75 cm, Dedicated tower coater, Tresu Cameracle Anilox Coating system with chambered doctor blade, Autoplate, InPress Control, PresetPlus feeder & delivery, Prinect PressCenter with IntelliStart, Prinect Instant Gate, Prinect Color Assistant Pro, Alcolor Vario dampening, Wallscreen, Ultrasonic double sheet detector, CombiStar Beta. C, Ink temperature control, Eltex Ionized blast in feeder, […]

Offset Press


Size: 72 x 102cm, Dedicated tower coater with extended delivery, Anilox coating system with chambered doctor blade, PresetPlus feeder, CP2000, X-Rite Intellitrax for closed-loop scanning, Autoplate, Alcolor Vario dampeners, Automatic roller wash, Automatic blanket wash, Automatic impression cylinder wash, Venturi transfers, DryStar IR dryer with hot air knives, Grafix Exatronic powder spray, CleanStar, Non-stop delivery […]

Offset Press


Size: 75 x 106cm, Non Stop Feeder with Non-Stop Device, Non Stop Delivery with Rake, Prinect Press Center Console with Wallscreen, Remote Ink Control, Touchscreen Controls, and Intellistart, Instant Gate , Color Assistant Pro , Autoplate Advanced with Heidelberg Register System and Automatic Opening and Closing of Cylinder Guard, Hycolor Inking and Dampening Unit, Technotrans, […]

Offset Press


Ref. 25977 RYOBI 525GX Size: 37 x 52 cm With PCS-H Off Press Controls, PDS-E Print Density Control, RPC Semi-Automatic Plate Change, Ryobimatic Dampening, Technotrans refrigeration & recirculation, ALL 3 AUTOWASHERS, Grafix Digitronic 3000 Powder Spray, Electronic Double Sheet Control, Tab Inserter, High pile delivery. PRICE UPON REQUEST.

Offset Press

Ryobi 524 HE

max. size 37,50 x 52 cm age 2005 PCS ink remote control Ryobimatic film dampenings cooling unit Technotrans Alpha D semi automatic plate change automatic blanket washing vacuum feed board antistatic device dry sprayer Grafix shown totalizer: approx. 19 mill. impressions Ref: RY210145A Please ask for price. We ship and install worldwide!

Offset Press

Komori LS 529 + CX

max. size 53 x 75 cm age 2009 5 printing units + coating unit (chamber duct) + extended delivery chamber duct system Harris + Bruno max. 16.000 cycles / h (off-load) PQC-S ink remote control PDC-S II quality control Komorimatic dampenings cooling unit Technotrans SAPC semi automatic plate change automatic roller and blanket washing dry […]

Offset Press


Ref. 25992 2002 HORIZON BOOKLET MAKER With 10 Bin VAC100A Collator, SPF-10II Stitching & Folding Unit with 2 Stitching Heads, FC-10II Trimmer, Delivery

Other Machines


Ref. 25990 2004 DAINIPPON SCREEN PLATERITE PF-2055Vi Size: 635 x 754 mm With Auto Plate Loader Cassette (Capacity 50 Plates), Heights Gum Unit (2016), Stacker (2016), Trueflow Lite Impo RIP (2014 upgraded RIP), In-Line Plate Punch.