RYOBI 522 Two Colour Press

Ref. 25998 1992 RYOBI 522 N+P (S/N1123) Size: 36 x 52 cm With Alcohol Dampening, Technotrans refrigeration & recirculation, Standard Plate Clamps, Powder Spray, N+P Unit.

Offset Press

SHINOHARA 52-4P Four Colour Press

Ref. 25997 2002 SHINOHARA 52-4P Size: 37 x 52 cm With SCCS Off-Press Controls, Plate Cocking, Technotrans refrigeration & recirculation, Shinohara Dampening, SAPC (Semi Auto Plate Change), Chromed Impression Cylinders, Auto Blanket Washers, Powder Spray, Low Pile Delivery, Perfecting (4+0 : 2+2).

Offset Press

Heidelberg GTOZP 52 + NP

max. size 36 x 52 cm perfecting: 2/0 – 1/1 age 1986 single sheet feeder conventional dampenings quick plate clamping bars photoelectron. double sheet control dry sprayer Weko + version numbering unit N+P shown totalizer: approx. 40 mill. impressions Delivery time: immediately from stock Ref: HE220115A Please ask for price. We ship and install worldwide!

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MITSUBISHI 3H -5 Age: 1998 Color: 5 Size: 72 x 102 cm. MIO: 210 Straight Semiautoplate IPC Production Control Navigator Color Control Alcohol dampening with Technotrans IVT IR Dryer Blanket Automatic washing Digitronic powder spray

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Heidelberg GTO 52-4 P +

max. size 36 x 52 cm perfecting: 4/0 – 2/2 age 1996 single sheet feeder photoelectron. double sheet control DDS film dampenings quick plate clamping bars dry sprayer Weko shown totalizer: approx. 59 mill. impressions Video – Delivery time: shortly Ref: HE220032A Please ask for price. We ship and install worldwide!

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Ref. 25992 2002 HORIZON BOOKLET MAKER With 10 Bin VAC100A Collator, SPF-10II Stitching & Folding Unit with 2 Stitching Heads, FC-10II Trimmer, Delivery

Other Machines

STAHL T52-4-4-F Folding Machine

Ref. 25988 1997 STAHL T52-4-4-F (SN: 49471-220716) With Flat Pile Feeder, 4 Plates 1st Unit, 4 Plates 2nd Unit, Noise Hoods, Delivery.


HEIDELBERG SM52-2 Two Colour Press

Ref. 25993 2003 HEIDELBERG SM52-2 (Straight Machine) Size: 37 x 52 cm With CP-Tronic, Stream Feeder, Alcolor, Technotrans refrigeration & recirculation, Autoplate, Autowashers, Laser-Cut Ink Ducts, Powder Spray, Plus Version with Numbering Unit, 37.9 mill imps, Running on central air system.

Offset Press

KOMORI SPICA 529P Five Colour Printing Press

Ref. 25980 2008 KOMORI SPICA 529P Size: 53 x 75 cm With PQC Console on Delivery, Komorimatics, Technotrans refrigeration & recirculation, SAPC, AMR, Powder Spray, Sheet Decurler, Continuous Delivery, Perfecting (5 + 0 : 2 + 3). 48 mill imps. REFURBISHED BY KOMORI UK ENGINEERS END 2021. Machine is in excellent working order & no […]

Offset Press

Ryobi 784 E – XL

max. size 60 x 78 cm age 2009 XL – printing area 580 x 765 mm PCS-K ink remote control Ryobimatic film dampenings semi automatic plate change vacuum feed board automatic blanket washing ultra sonic double sheet control antistatic device dry sprayer shown totalizer: approx. 37 mill. impressions Ref: RY220070C Please ask for price. We […]

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